Water WasteWater Treatment

  • OxiClear
  • ChemTreat
  • DTec-80
  • BioTech P1487

ChemTech's Cooling Tower and Boiler Treatment program can help enhance efficiency and control excessive chemical usage; while reducing water consumption. Our ChemTreat & OxiClear dolphin program introduces UV Light in place of a secondary biocide for highly bio-sensitive applications. Depending on the size of the system our DTec-80 and BioTech electromagnetic marker system can actually precepitate solids out of the process water with no chemical additives at all.


WasteWater Treatment

  • ChemFloc
  • ChemCoag

ChemTech offers waste water treatment programs designed to reduce sludge and eliminate dangerous heavy-metals from entering biologically sensitive areas downstream from a manufacturers effluent discharged. Our ChemTech field engineers can design and implement waste water treatment programs that will determine the best possible solution for a manufacturers waste water effluent discharge; while pulling local and county wide permit regulations that will assist in the best possible ChemTech Chemistry.