1. the ability to sustain something
  2. (ecology) a means of configuring civilization and human activity so that society, its members and its economies are able to meet their needs and express their greatest potential in the present, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems, planning and acting for the ability to maintain these ideals in the very long term

Sustainability, it’s not this years buzzword: Sustainability is a paradigm shift in our thinking, one that is present in every part of our culture and by necessity, one which has set deep roots into our industrial infrastructure. The trend line is absolutely clear and the cost of business is going up. Energy is becoming more and more expensive and the need to move to sustainable products and process controls is an absolute.

ChemTech was founded with sustainability as one of our core guiding principles. Every single product that goes through our labs is designed with sustainability in mind. Today’s sustainable technologies have to complement the drive towards lowering total cost of operations. Total cost of operations isn’t limited to just the cost of raw materials but includes items such as labor, water, chemical and energy.

Therefore, ChemTech's formulations are designed to offer cost effective eco-friendly solutions. Some examples of our technology include phosphate-free surface finishing chemistry, aqueous cleaning solutions, steel & aluminum paint strippers as well as PIBSA metalworking fluids that are VOC & Solvent Free! But it doesn’t end there....

At ChemTech, our standard services include complete process audits involving areas impacted by chemical usage all the way to downstream regulations. ChemTech will examine every area closely while providing a custom solutions package tailored to fit your specific business needs; while delivering cost effective savings in energy, chemical, labor, water and maintenance.

Please Contact ChemTech ( today to learn how we can drive Sustainability into your process while driving Cost out of your business!