Custom Solutions:  Speed-To-Process©

Rarely is a single product solution an ideal fit for multiple manufacturing operations because time, temperature or concentration play an extraordinary part in determining the outcomes for the vast majority of industrial processes.

Therefore, in today's highly dynamic manufacturing environment, it has become more and more frequent that the standard off-the-shelf product requires quantitative and qualitative changes to match the customers' specifications.

Moreover, with changes in energy, management, inventory control, budgets, product tolerances, as well as downstream effluent regulations, it can often necessitate a completely reengineered solution. That is why ChemTech has become the leader in engineered custom solutions at a speed unmatched in the industry through our registered trademark program, Speed-To-Process©.

ChemTech's Speed-To-Process© or (STP) is designed to provide custom formulations in a matter of days not weeks, which enables ChemTech to meet the demands of our customers through reduced lead times. Essentially, ChemTech can meet the most demanding timelines while providing the highest quality standards set forth by ISO-9001.

ChemTech’s unique STP program allows the product and process iterations to be developed in conjunction with one another; thus creating additional product chemistry compliance.


Simply stated: ChemTech is the Leader in Advanced Custom Chemistry Solutions.