Metal Cleaning Product Line

  • ChemKleen
  • TrueGreen
  • NutraKleen
  • MetalChem
  • VibraChem

The ChemTech Metal Cleaning product line provides cleaning solutions to meet the most stringent performance requirements, where industrial applications require power washing, steam cleaning, spray-wand / spray-wash technology, industrial deburring and vibratory operations; while placing an emphasis on energy and water conservation.


Surface Finishing / Conversion Coat Product Line

  • MetalKote
  • ZirTech
  • MetalChem
  • MetalGuard
  • AlumiPrep
  • ChemEtch
  • PlazTech

ChemTech's advanced Iron, Zinc, Manganese Phosphate Surface Finishing chemistry provides superior paint adhesion through our nano particle coating weight technology; while delivering exceptional paint adhesion and corrosion protection. ChemTech's EcoFriendly Zirconium and TriValent Conversion Coat Technology can deliver both economical as well as eco-friendly solutions designed to handle multi-metal applications in the automotive, military and aerospace industry.


Rust Preventatives / RP Cleaners Product Line

  • SecureSeal
  • SecureKote
  • EcoClean
  • OEM Sprays

ChemTech's Heavy Duty & Medium Duty In-Process Rust Preventatives leave a Semi-Translucent Coating enhances corrosion resistance without the use chrome-free technology; but more importantly, ChemTech's Rust Preventative Packages can provide tailored solutions for up to 30-90 days as well as long-term water displacing Rust Preventatives designed for more severe applications.