Welcome to ChemTech Global

ChemTech is one of the nation’s leading specialty chemical companies and a global supplier of Industrial Chemicals backed by a Highly Customized Product Line and Service Oriented Solutions.

ChemTech offers a complete array of industrial chemicals including but not limited to Alkaline Cleaners, Drawing Compounds, MetalWorking Fluids, Paint Strippers, Rust Preventatives, and Surface Finishing Chemistry; while providing Eco-Friendly Cost Effective Solutions that are tailored to fit the ever increasing environmental concerns with phosphates and heavy-metals through our advanced Zirconium Based Chemistry.

ChemTech's dedication to Sustainable Solutions through our advanced R&D Facility in Lillington, NC has allowed us to be the foremost leader in VOC & Solvent Free Vanishing Compounds, Low-Temp Metal Cleaning Technology as well as our general purposes cleaners designed to facilitate the use of less water through Counterflowing Measures.

But above all, the greatest asset ChemTech has developed over the past 22 years are our Chemical Engineers to our professional staff all working together to ensure our partners in industry have continuously received the most cost effective solutions designed to reduce capital expenditures; while enhancing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the automotive, military and aerospace manufacturing industries.

ChemTech's value added program can drive down cost while increasing productivity and sustainability in your business.

- The ChemTech Team